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About Hey Turkey Project

“The ‘Hey Turkey’ project is a blog system established to introduce Turkey to the world in at least 10 different languages. With this project, we have taken on the mission of promoting Turkey more effectively. In this platform, we provide all kinds of information about Turkey in text, rich visuals, and videos.

We aim to showcase Turkey’s history, cultural richness, natural beauty, tourist destinations, traditions, and much more through comprehensive content. By doing so, we hope to share the diversity and richness of Turkey with a global audience.

The ‘Hey Turkey’ project offers readers worldwide the opportunity to embark on a journey into the depths of Turkey. The content presented in different languages makes it accessible to anyone interested in understanding various aspects of Turkey’s appeal. Additionally, this project contributes to enhancing cultural understanding among those interested in Turkey, fostering closer relationships.

The goal of the ‘Hey Turkey’ project is to reflect Turkey’s rich heritage and diversity, encouraging more people worldwide to take an interest in Turkey. By presenting content in different languages, this project aims to open the doors of Turkey to the world and increase cultural interaction.”

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