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Orange County Belek - Hotel Review & Customer Experience

We had the pleasure of staying at the Orange County Belek Hotel in Antalya from September 1st to 5th, 2023, and we'd like to provide a comprehensive review of our experience. Our intention is to offer valuable insights to potential guests considering this hotel. Is Orange County Belek a child-friendly hotel? Are pets allowed to stay at Orange County Belek Resort? Experiences of a customer who stayed at Orange County Belek. Details...

Orange County Belek – Hotel Review & Customer Experience
Orange Country Belek in Antalya Turkey

We stayed at the Orange County Belek Hotel from September 1st to 5th, 2023 in Antalya, and we would like to share our positive and negative experiences. We also hope that this review can serve as a guide for those considering choosing the Orange County Belek Hotel.

When we made the reservation, we didn’t prioritize the view from the hotel room. We rented a room with a land view, thinking that we wouldn’t spend much time in the room. When we arrived at the hotel, the receptionist upgraded us to a room with a sea view as a complimentary gesture. So, we are grateful for that.

Orange County Belek Positive Experiences

  1. Location (5/5): The hotel’s geographical location was excellent, with easy access to nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers.
  2. Overall Appearance (4/5): The hotel premises were clean and well-maintained, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The lobby’s decoration and ambiance were also noteworthy.
  3. Hotel Receptionist (4/5): They were not friendly at the moment of greeting. But it was obvious that they were busy. After waiting for a while, they did our transactions. Although we had booked a room with a land view, the staff gave us a room with a sea view from the balcony. Thank you for their attention and interest.
  4. Room and Accommodation (4/5): Our room was clean, spacious, and comfortable, providing a relaxing stay. The bed was comfortable, and we enjoyed a beautiful view from our room.
  5. Cleanliness and Hygiene (4/5): The hotel maintained a high level of cleanliness throughout our stay, including the cleanliness of bed linens and towels.
  6. Hotel housekeeping (5/5): The hotel housekeeping staff consistently cleans the rooms every morning, and we were very satisfied with their cleaning service. They promptly address any issues with the room. Therefore, they should be rewarded by the hotel for their excellent service.
  7. Service Quality (4/5): The reception staff was helpful, and room service was prompt. The hotel staff exhibited professionalism and friendliness.
  8. Hotel Facilities (4/5): The hotel offered a great range of amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa services. Parking facilities were also convenient.
  9. Food and Beverage (4/5): The hotel’s restaurants offered decent quality, and the breakfast options were satisfactory. However, we felt that there could have been more variety in the food choices.
  10. Price (3/5): While the hotel provided a comfortable stay, the prices were somewhat on the higher side. Before arriving at the hotel, we inquired over the phone and requested a discount based on the prices published online. A significant discount was granted. You can also contact the hotel to request a discount.

Orange County Belek Negative Experiences

  1. Bellboy (1/5): The bellboy who took our luggage at the hotel entrance didn’t take all the bags. Since we had parked the car at the hotel’s entrance, and there was no hotel-owned parking area, we parked it on a nearby street. Although it wasn’t very far from the hotel, we still had to take the remaining luggage out of the car ourselves.

    While checking into Orange County Belek Hotel, one of the bellboys asked a question about our son’s involuntary tic disorder and said “Do you have a tic?”. Our son’s psychological health was negatively affected by this situation. Hotel staff should have avoided using expressions that could disturb customers.
  2. Suggestions: It would have been nice if the hotel’s activities were more widely known. For example, information about the grill varieties in the restaurant section could have been shared. We only noticed this on the 4th day. Additional information could have been provided for activities for children. Customers could have been informed via SMS. We were not aware that reservations were required for some areas of the hotel. Due to the reasons mentioned above, we could not fully benefit from all the facilities of the hotel.
  3. Hotel beach quality (2/5): The hotel was located right by the sea, and we wanted to take advantage of the beach. However, it wasn’t very suitable for children. There were quite strong waves, and it could be intimidating for those who weren’t confident swimmers. As a result, we had to use the pool more often.
  4. Bathroom and WC Experience (2/5): There is no drainage system in the hotel room’s bathroom. After taking a shower, the water accumulates inside the bathroom. This created a negative experience during bathroom and toilet usage. Additionally, the bathroom door lock was broken.
  5. Security (3/5): Although the hotel had security measures in place, we would have appreciated more visible security presence for added peace of mind.

Orange County Belek – Suggestions to Hotel Management

  1. Website Language (4/5): The Orange County Belek hotel’s website provides information in Turkish, English, German, and Russian. However, considering the significant number of Arab and Iranian customers among their clientele, Arabic and Persian should also be among the available languages.
  2. Valet Service (0/5): The lack of a parking lot at the hotel is a significant drawback. If there won’t be a parking lot, at the very least, valet service should be provided.

Overall Experience (4/5): Our overall experience at the Orange County Belek Hotel was positive. It’s a great choice for both leisure and business travelers due to its location and amenities. While there were some minor drawbacks, they didn’t significantly affect our overall enjoyment of our stay.

In conclusion, we recommend the Orange County Hotel for a pleasant stay in Belek, Turkey, but we advise potential guests to consider their budget and expectations carefully.

Orange Country Belek Child Friendly

Is Orange County Belek a child-friendly hotel?

Orange County Belek Hotel is very kid-friendly. During the day, children can have fun in the hotel pool, grab ice cream or Gözleme near the pool area, and enjoy entertaining stage shows in the evening. We commend the hotel management for creating such a fun environment for kids.

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